Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cherry Limeade Cupcakes

These little babies were inspired by two things: a new food blog I just found this week, found here Annie's Eats, and partly from my husband, who loves Cherry Limeades and was disappointed with the drink the last time we got one, which happened to be my oh so favorite holiday, Valentine's. (note the sarcasm here.) I decided to change up Annie's recipe.  I used my favorite vanilla cupcake recipe ever, which I found on this website.  (by the way, if you want an amazing experience with cupcakes, check that blog out.) I'll post the vanilla recipe on here sometime..

After waiting for the cupcakes to cool, I gathered my ingredients for the butter cream.  My idea was to make two different frosting's each with the unique flavor combo that makes up the Cherry Limeade drink.  So, off to mixing I went.  My favorite butter cream frosting is simply, two sticks of unsalted butter, powder sugar, and whatever flavor you want to add...I know, I need to try new things, but I like simple.  Added lime juice and zest to one part of the frosting, added food coloring, good old Wilton, and mixed until I got the desired consistency I was looking for.  I then made the cherry frosting.  I used the juice from the jar of maraschino cherries..which changes the consistency of your frosting..  I was a little disappointed with this half of the frosting, and am still kicking myself, because I should have just bought the cherry syrup when i saw it at the store earlier this week.  Anyway, my thoughts:

The lime frosting tended to over power the cherry frosting, it ended up tasting mainly like lime, I should just rename the cupcake to Lime Sublime after my favorite Jamba Juice smoothie..but, it still had a pleasing taste, I love lime.  My husband however informed that he was cupcaked out and that the frosting was overpowering.  Maybe I'll revisit this cupcake later and see if I can't revamp it to fit my style more!

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  1. I am all about cherry limeade anything! I am going to ponder the cherry flavoring half, and try these babies out!