Monday, June 25, 2012

The Cake Order

A good friend of mine asked me last weekend if I would make a cake for her parents in law's 50th wedding anniversary.  I jumped at the chance to make a cake.  And then received the news that he had dietary needs.  No dairy.  Okay, that was doable, I hoped.  The cake part, was easy.  And in the next post, I will sharing a very yummy, very moist, and delicious chocolate cake that is dairy free.  But the frosting.  That my friends is another story.  I love me my butter cream.  I could eat butter cream all day.  I thought maybe I could try Italian butter cream...yeah, i should have realized that it um, has butter in it?  So, the next step was finding something that would work.   So, plan B.  Seven Minute Frosting.  I made several batches of seven minute frosting in the past week.  each time the sugar was grainy and not smooth.  I don't know what i was doing wrong.  I have never had that problem before.  But too my complete frustration, grainy sugar kept appearing.  So..I added powdered sugar instead.  And SUCCESS.  Who knew?  Apparently, I did.  Things that I learned this week though:

1) I don't make two tier cakes, this was my first attempt.  I was stressed about this cake, the entire week.  Which equaled one night where I woke up at 2 AM thinking about this cake, and couldn't go back to sleep. Almost my entire week was consumed with thoughts about this cake. I don't make fancy cakes.  Read that.  I don't make fancy cakes.

2)  I really don't know what I'm doing..I have a lot of learning still to do.

3)  There is a reason I like making cupcakes. They are small, not very complicated and they forgive me with one bite if I mess up.

4).  Seven Minute Frosting is fluffy, pretty and white.  I love it.  It however doesn't like gravity.  But seriously, make a chocolate cake, like, four layers, layer that baby with seven minute frosting and slather it all over it honey.  Oh MY GOODNESS.

5) should have started at the bottom of the cake when decorating.  it would have made my headache  ease up a lot sooner. But here is the end result.  I needed more frosting.  But after making four rounds of the seven minute frosting, I was sort of done.  See, cupcake kind of gal here.

All in all, though, the cake turned out pretty.  i needed like five more rounds of practice I think before I would be completely happy with it.  I am sort of a perfectionist when it comes to my cake making..which when you think about it, is rather odd, considering I don't usually make cake.   and all previous attempts haven't been the greatest in the past...rewind to the Mario Cake, or the Fire Truck..or Sariah's Cat cake..see, so um.  Cupcakes, yes, cupcakes are my first love ladies.  Want to order some cupcakes?  I could use the cash......

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